Belvedere du Cret d’Eau


The Cret d’Eau is one of the highest peaks in the Jura Mountains, about 50 metres lower than the highest – the neighbouring Cret de Neige, and we can see it from our driveway. It’s about 20 kms away as the crow flies. From Bellegarde there is a super route on mainly wide, deserted roads up to just under 1,400 metres, 250 metres or so lower than the peak. If it wasn’t so cold up high I might have hiked up further once the road ended – next year maybe.

Cret d'eau

The last 4 kilometres is on a tiny — badly paved but scenic road. At one point, I took a wrong turn and found myself part way up a ski slope of the tiny Menthieres Ski Station.

Cret d'eau

Route 2,626,571 – powered by

Cret d'eau


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  1. Hi there,
    Is it the same road as the main road from Chezery up to Menthières? The map on your page doesn’t seem to show anymore, and your pics don’t really look like the main road from Chezery… so I’m wondering?

  2. Hi, I updated the map with the old gpx file.

    I haven’t gone back and updated a lot of these old posts once the old map server company was sold to Garmin.


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