Col de Combe Blanche and the Swiss National Road Race

Col de Combe Blanche

A simple plan: Cycle up the steep, beautiful Jura road to Col de Combe Blanche (aka: Col de la Vattay or Col de Puthod) then descend to Nyon to watch the Swiss National Road Race.

The climb was in France, but the descent was in Switzerland as we crossed the border up high at La Grande Grand.

For a change of pace, here’s a helmet cam video of some of the descent from La Baudichonne. To keep it interesting (and MUCH faster), I put the camera on Eric. 😉

Nyon Fabian Cancellera Wins Swiss National Road Race hmmm Nyon Poseur Charlatan

After descending, we met Katy and Martin in Nyon to watch the race. 180 kms, 11 laps. We had a quick wander around beautiful Nyon, a stop for the necessary beers to energize my legs, then returned to see the inevitable win by Fabian Cancellara.

Fabian Cancellera Wins Swiss National Road Race

Fabian Cancellera Wins Swiss National Road Race


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  1. Will, Some very impressive decending indeed. Kudos to Eric. Looks like great bravery. I would love to see more from the Helmet Cam. Pete

  2. My goodness, I hate to think how much climbing you had to do to earn that descent!

    Eric, I’m impressed with your control — you seemed to have no issue stopping for those 2 rat dogs!!


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