Col de Crozet


Another dark, foggy day in Geneva, with low cloud cover. Only one thing to do …. get above it into the sun.

Starting from the village of Crozet is a fantastic deserted little forest road up the Jura mountains. We did see (and hear) a few hunters, but otherwise it was just us.

Route to Col de Crozet

Beautiful views, but hard work. See the elevation chart in the map below, this is a big and at times very steep climb – much harder than it’s famous (and busy) neighbour Col de la Faucille. Less than half way – at 950 metres or so – the route becomes a gravel trail.

Route to Col de Crozet Col de Crozet Approaching Col de Crozet

Nearing the top, the trees disappear and the route is on the ski slopes of the tiny Crozet station. There are some brutally steep stretches here leading to the little Col sign at 1485 metres (the sign is off the road well to the left).

Above the Clouds

From the Col, we took a farm road to the right along the ridge. A little more climbing and then an incredibly fun 8 km slightly downhill stretch on a little farm road to the top of Col de la Faucille.

From Col de la Faucille we reluctantly descended back into the fog and the grey below.

Below Col de la Faucille

Many thanks to my Belgian cameraman. 😉


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  1. Wow, the un-photographed/videod Belgian cameraman (on the new bike?) has improved. Perhaps he has laid off the Belgian beer?

  2. Will,
    Thanks for a great blog. You make work days more bearable.
    On your homepage on the far right of the header is a photo of a cyclist above Wengen.
    Would it be possible to buy the negative of this picture? Excuse my technical ignorance
    but with digital, are there negatives?
    I would like to enlarge that photo to poster size. I have a few Euros left from my Summer
    tour in France so quote me in Euros.

    Ron Wagner

  3. Hello Ron,

    The photo is of my good friend Martin …. one of the best cycling days ever. Sadly, the photo was not taken with the best camera …. I have sent you the highest quality version I have … regards

    PS – from the same ride ….. the nicest place to pee on earth?

    doreen - Version 4

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