Col de Cuvéry and Col de Bérentin


A beautiful day.

Too nice not to ride so a last second decision to meet Eric and climb Col de Cuvéry and make a loop via Col de Belleroche.

If you are a fan of cross-country skiing or seeing huskies pull a sleigh ….. Col de Cuvéry atop Plateau de Retord is the place to visit.

Sled dogs and Col de Cuvéry

After Cuvéry, we had planned to descend to Neyrolles and climb Col de Belleroche …. and we did …. for a while. But the snow was just to heavy and after 30 minutes of pushing I calculated that we needed another 90 minutes – and despite Eric’s protests, I turned around. Sorry, I don’t like to quit, but the fun factor was ebbing.

Abandoning Col de Belleroche

Col de Bérentin

So we doubled back and climbed Col de Bérentin. Interesting enough – even if my legs had deserted me.

Lots of snow! After the photo below I almost instantly fell into the soft white stuff. On the descent back to Vouvray, the views of the Alps were spectacular. A little to far away and a little too hazy to capture on film ….. but so impressive. I was knackered and happy to drive home. My (much stronger) domestique Eric – of course – rode home.

Col de Bérentin


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  1. To anyone reading this blog : my devilish facial expression on the picture taken straight after Will had communicated to me his lack of enthusiasm to bump through the thickening snow for another 90 minutes (300-400 altitude meters) was ONLY caused by the sun shining into my eyes. This was NOT the expression of any negative feelings after OUR FIRST time EVER quitting. Will’s decision was smart as riding up Col de Bérentin was more and better cycling fun and as Col de Belleroche will still be there once the snow has melted a little bit. In other words, Will, my feet were getting wet and cold too 🙂 Thank you for taking the blame.

  2. Bastien,
    Correction : ce n’est pas le panneau que Will aurait dû écouter. C’est plutôt moi qu’il n’aurait PAS dû écouter.
    Bien à toi,

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