Col de Joux Plane – A 3rd Way Up

Col de Joux Plane

Several times when cycling past Col du Ranfolly on the way to/from Joux Plane I have looked at the unpaved roads up the ski slopes of Les Gets ski station and thought I could probably reach Col de Joux Plane from below … and finally I decided to try.

For details of the classic, paved route to Joux Plane from Samoëns see here. For perhaps the best challenging road bike loop in the region, including the Morzine side of Joux Plane, see here.

Starting from Taninges, I took the deserted road on the north side of the gorge to Les Gets — see map (the other road is much busier)

At Les Gets, I turned up following signs to the golf course and/or Les Chavannes. The paved road ends at La Chavannes, but a quality gravel road is easy to find.

Les Gets is a popular summer resort for downhill single-track mountain biking, but it’s easy enough to avoid other cyclists … most of their trails are segregated. But I did give it a brief go:

Me? Single Track?

I took a detour to explore some of the many trails, eventually reaching the top of a ski lift at La Rosta.

View from La Rosta

After enjoying the views, I double backed and easily found the high paved road between Col du Ranfolly and Col de Joux Plane.

I am not going to say this 3rd way to Joux Plane is better than the paved routes. It is not. The route to Les Chavannes is only of moderate interest …. heading through chalets.

But, it’s another option, and there are plenty of other trails on the ski slopes for mountain bikers to explore.

After descending Joux Plane, I looped backed to Taninges and visited La Chartreuse de Mélan monastery and enjoyed a great big bench.

I am tiny! 🙂

I am tiny

7.3 Awesome

A fun third way up Col de Joux Plane. Unlike the other two, this requires a mountain bike.

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  1. Hi Will, you avoided the ridiculously steep path on the right angled bend at the back of Taninges to the Pointe de Marcelly! Next time eh;)

  2. Ha, well seen, i had the “road” on my gps, but it looked wet and muddy and I had my hybrid, not my 29. I know, I know, .i wimped out. 🙂

  3. It’s probably just a bit too much Will. I went up a 25% off road trail to get on thel Dr du Grand Cucheron last year, the day Millar won, was the only way to get on climb due to gendarmes. Not pleasant lots of foot down stop catch breath/walk.You caught me going up Grand Colombier, but I was on my. And not riding well enough to keep up. Had 9mths off and just getting started again now. You can see from pics I saw race at Croix de Fer and Finish at La Tousuirre, worth remembering you can do that if similar stage again, think I was the only one who did it!

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