Col de la Colombière (and above)

Col de la Colombière is the nearest “famous” cycling climb to where I live. So I know it quite well. But today we tried something new. Doreen wanted to go hiking, I wanted to bike. So we came up with a simple plan: A bike & hike.

She dropped me off in Scionzier and I cycled up Col de la Colombière. 16 kms uphill with the last three very steep.

For full details of both sides of Col de la Colombière see here, and for a 3rd harder route via Col de Romme see here.

At the summit she parked the car and read, waiting for me. She is a very thoughtful wife, and took this photo of me suffering 50 metres from the col (1618 metres).

12% !  The last 50 metres.

12% ! The last 50 metres.

Col de la Colombière (1)

I put my bike in the car, changed my shirt/shoes and we then hiked up a trail that starts exactly at the col.

It’s a steep hike, but well marked, climbing up into the scenic rocky mountain ridge above. One can go a long way up, we would hike above the ridge behind me in the photo below.

Half way up:

Heading above that ridge

Heading above that ridge

We reached the tiny Lac de Peyre (2108 metres). Wildlife can be scarce cycling in the Alps – except sometimes for ubiquitous marmottes up high – but at the lake we met this beautiful bouquetin (alpine ibex).

A beautiful Bouquetin

A beautiful Bouquetin

Lac de Peyre - above Col de la Colombière

It’s possible to hike quite a bit higher. But we decided to call it a successful day, and headed back down.

I seem to be developing a slightly new hobby: this is the third recent ride where I have also added a hike. It’s a great way go a little further when there isn’t a convenient road available. 🙂

Jumping with joy

Jumping with joy


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