Col de la Colombière


48 kms

Col de la Colombière  

We climbed the legendary Col de la Colombière today. I am not sure why I have never climbed this hill – as it is only 45 minutes from home and features often in the Tour de France.

We climbed the harder north side. It is 17 kms with about 1,100 meters of ascension. It keeps getting harder with the last 3 kms easily the hardest with stretches of 12%! After i finished the climb I descended about 7 kms down the other side and climbed back up succesfully timimg it so I met Doreen at the top.

She had called me with about 4 kms for her to go, asking for some encouragement. A difficult task as I had experienced how hard the last 3 kms were. As always she bravely persevered. Although she understandably struggled, I think she was cheered to see 2 fit looking guys pushing their bikes near the top when we started our descent.

And yes, it was hard work getting near the sign for the picture.

Total distance 6,768


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