Col de la Croisette – South/East Side

Saleve - Jura Mountains in Background Le Saleve - Lake Geneva Below Col de la Croisette Col de la Croisette Le Saleve

Pretty big ride today with about 1150 metres (3800 feet) of climb. There are several ways up Le Saleve. Living on the North/West side of the mountain, I had never climbed the opposite side.

So today I mapped out a loop. Frankly, it was a lot harder getting to the climb than going up it. It’s a beautiful loop on quiet roads.

Le Saleve provides us with great hiking and cycling directly from our house – but it blocks the view of the Alps. Riding around to the other side, meant terrific views the entire ride.

My wife likes to laugh at me and my “exhausted” photos (taken while pedaling; I posed better for take two):

Tired - taken on bike

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  1. Dear Chilly,
    I’m not so heartless, am I? Part of my amusement of your exhausted photos is that you’re perfectly recovered for take 2, which is only 15 seconds later.
    Love you and ALL your photos, Jelly

  2. Oh… and I think the exhausted photos are great… how else are we going to get a sense of what kind of challenge you’re going through!
    And as your wife says… good recovery on the second photo!

  3. I went to le saleve today and…i didn’t expect so much people and traffic! Wow, usually I meet 4 or 5 cars in the ascent…but sunday it’s not the same quiet col: awful, polluted, rows of cars. Happily the top is always beautiful, more with snow, great ambiance, sunset 🙂

  4. Gilles

    You are exactly right. the Saleve is far less interesting during the weekend because of tourist traffic.

    It is a bad idea to climb Col de la Croisette from Collonges or Annemesse.

    However, from Cruseilles or St Blaise the traffic is OK on weekends.

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