Col des Aravis, Col des Saisies, Signal de Bisanne


Sunday, I cycled up Col des Aravis on a bike-only morning. For more bike-only rides see here.

Neither side of Aravis are too difficult, but this is the harder side. While not exactly crowded, there were lots of cyclists enjoying the car-free roads. A lot of fun.

Best part of the climb was the cheese tasting a kilometre from the col. I especially enjoyed the Beaufort and the Tomme de Savoie.

Cheese tasting

Tandem and Mont Blanc views at finish:

The finish

The climb and descent didn’t take too long, so I decided to visit Col des Saisies next.

TIP: If you are climbing the north side of Col des Saisies – take the turn-off early to Crest-Voland for a much quieter and scenic climb than the main “routes des Grandes Alpes” road. No motorcycles in summer. This alternate way rejoins the main road just below the col. On the map above, I descended via the main road.

At Col des Saisies I went over the top and rode the last steep stretch up to Signal de Bisanne, the high point above Saisies ski station. For details of the entire direct and very challenging climb to Signal, see here.

Signal de Bisanne

Hopefully, I’ll be cycling up Col des Glières for another car-free day this Saturday morning


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  1. Hi Will, love your blog and all the rides you do.

    I actually live in Albertville and know all the cimbs you do because I live right next to them. Are you going to do the last “car-free” climbs of this summer? I’ll climb Madeleine, Grand Cucheron and Coremt de Roselend (by Col du Pré).

    It could be nice to see you in person!

  2. Salut Arnaud,

    Thanks for the note

    I am hoping to do Roselend via Col du Pré on bike free day. It depends of course on weather and a couple of other things. If I do, I will send you an email a few days in advance.


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