Col du Jovet

Road to Col du Jovet

Road to Col du Jovet


Almost 2,000 metres vertical, lots of hairpins, on near-deserted roads. Fun.

I started in Les Plaines, 4 kilometres into the profile at right, skipping the flat part. It’s a big, hairpin-filled, quiet road until Notre-Dame-du-Pré (1270 metres) — climbing out of the narrow main valley. The road gets smaller, and quieter above town. At 1835 metres the paved road just ends. But this is still a big, worthwhile, road-bike climb.

Details of the even better south side here.

But I had my mountain bike so I could keep going higher. Immediately after the paved road ends, the gravel/grass road exits the woods and gets above the tree line, into wide-open, steep, alpine pastures. A very fun road.



Mont Jovet was high above, and I wasn’t exactly certain of my road. And in fact, it just ends perhaps a kilometre below Col du Jovet. But there was a hiking trail, so I kept going, often needing to push the bike.

From Col du Jovet (2,404 metres), it was clear that I would have to carry/push my bike to get up to the summit of Mont Jovet, so I decided to skip this. Instead, I crossed the Col and descended to the Refuge du Mont Jovet (2,350 metres). The views are even better on this side.

From Col du Jovet

From Col du Jovet

The descent is a fabulous road. The top half is not paved. Higher up the views are wonderful.

Far side

Far side

Fun Road

Fun Road

Lower, at 1735 metres, I passed Col du Parchit, still on unpaved roads. The bottom half is a completely deserted, crazy paved road that I doubt gets ever much sunlight – maybe a good climb in a heat wave?. A very fun descent.

This is a great loop, that is so quiet. And it was clear from the views that there are some interesting options from the south side. A future challenge?
For cyclo-tourists riding in the valley below: there is a very, very long tunnel on the only low road that is filled with super fast traffic. It can be avoided by climbing to Notre-Dame-du-Pré and then following the sign down to Aime

9.1 Awesome

Almost 2,000 metres vertical, lots of hairpins, on near-deserted roads.

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