Col Hunting: Plateau de Chambaran


Every year as winter turns to spring, it has become a minor tradition to do a “Col Hunting” ride in a hilly, not too high region – that I’ve never previously visited. While one reason is – of course – to shamelessly add cols to my list, these rides are always challenging and on quiet, scenic, off-the-beaten path roads.

The Plateau de Chambaran is just to the north of the much higher, more savage Vercors Massif. This loop managed 6 cols for the most part on super quiet roads.
I think I saw more kilometre markers than cars.

Cycling Mecca:  The Vercors Massif in Distance

Cycling Mecca: The Vercors Massif in Distance

The only stretch that wasn’t deserted was the road leading up To Col de la Croix de Toutes Aures, otherwise the route is hyper quiet, hilly and very scenic. A pleasure.

Balancing iPhone on a pole.

Balancing iPhone on a pole.

Only four of the Cols had nice signs:


France seemingly has an infinite number of great roads to ride. It’s always worth the effort to visit some of the less famous but still worthy regions – especially if it means visiting six cols! 😉


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