Cross-Training and Route Planning

Doreen and Mont Blanc Skiing Les Arcs Les Arcs and Doreen Apres Ski Hot Tub Les Arcs

Perhaps the best three days of skiing we have ever had. Perfect conditions and weather – at the great Les Arcs ski resort high in the French Alps. My limited photography skills will never convey how beautiful it was.

I have cycled up to the resort a couple of times before, but this time it was only skiing. And we skied to near exhaustion every day – so tired I fell asleep at 9:30 last night.

I am assuming (hoping?) the thigh burn I felt for the last three days is good cross-training for cycling (I soothed my legs in the outdoor hot-tub see photo above).

Doreen carving the slopes:

Today, at 2,700 metres (about 9000 feet) I saw a VTT (mountain bike) map with several routes. It was mainly talking about descents, but as I began scouting the map and terrain, I am convinced I can mountain bike up over 3,000 metres to the very tip of the peak (with a little pushing perhaps).

A summer project is born – to cycle above 3,000 metres for the first time ever.

VTT Map Les Arcs


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  1. Top of the world, Will.
    That photo of you with the mountains in the background … amazing. If I lived near there winter would never be a problem. Never at all.

  2. So, I’ve already informed my wife where we will be vacationing in a couple of years. What a getaway… and I’d say it’s excellent cross-training! Thanks again for your help… I’m still working on the slickr “plug-in”… issues for some reason with that, flickr and our server… go figure?

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