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CyclePig recently wrote about signs at the top being like Trophies for cyclists. And this is certainly true for me.

Anyone that has ridden with me, knows that one of their duties is to photograph me in front of any interesting sign. Here’s a little collection of some signs seen along the way. And at the bottom, a slide show of “signs from the top.”

PS – Yes, me writing a “sign” article means I am injured again.


Always fun to cycle super steep roads:

Le Grand Colombier 20%!! Sign Sign Sign
Col de la Forclaz Le Grand Colombier

Col du Pré Sign Grand Colombier Col des Glieres Izoard
More Signs :

Steep signs are fun, but perhaps my favorite sign is the “No Parking Your Tank Here” sign below.

Sign Sign SignSign Col du Petit Saint Bernard Sign Sign Mont Ventoux Col de la Biche Saleve - Road Closed 1350 metres Sign
You can't park your tank here!Les Arcs
The Trophies – Signs from the Top

Of course, I keep a collection of “Signs from the Top.”


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