Doreen Runs the Berne Grand Prix


The Berne Grand Prix is the biggest running event in the german part of Switzerland. Doreen was number 22,112 – to give you an idea of how big the race is.

It’s tag line is “The most beautiful 10 miles in the world.”

And it’s a great course weaving through the UNESCO World Heritage city of Berne – the Capital of Switzerland.

The streets were packed with very enthusiastic spectators and musicians. Lesson: If you want to cheer at any sports event in Switzerland, bring a cow bell and continuously yell “Hop, Hop, Hop” – which roughly means “Go, Go, Go. ”

An unsettled stomach meant Doreen needed to dash into a restaurant early in the race. When she reappeared, she was inches ahead of the broom wagon (last place).

She bravely spent the rest of the day passing people. Well done!

Below: Doreen crossing the bridge into Berne.

DoreenDoreen Berne, Switzerland

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  1. Very BRAVE Doreen. I truly believe cycling is easier than running. At least on the bicycle you can recover on the downhills. Running is always hop, hop, hop!

  2. Congratulations Doreen for completing the race and for kicking some butt! 10 miles is quite some distance and I hope you were able to enjoy some of the nice views (and no, I don’t mean the back of other runners) while you ran.

    Well done!

  3. Congratulations Doreen. It was the Mississaga Marathon today – you certainly had the more scenic route!

  4. Awesome Doreen! Way to continue even after the upset… well you know. You must be in great shape after pedaling the ascents with Will and running. You’re probably ready for a marathon.

  5. Hi, thanks for the nice notes. The first 7km definitely don’t make my list of all-time favourite runs but overall, it was a fun event and I’m glad I did it. At least it makes a good story that after my 2nd emergency stop I have the dubious claim to fame as the very last runner of the race, immediately before the broom wagon. No exaggeration.

    Next year’s event is Sat April 18…anyone interested? I need to redeem myself and could use a running partner…


  6. Hi Doreen,

    Good job! As evidenced by your smile, it looks like it was a lot of fun.

    I have marked the next April 18th to join you… sorry I couldn’t make it this year. 🙁


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