Doreen Runs the Geneva Half Marathon

Success! Doreen completes the Geneva half marathon
Doreen and the Jet d'Eau

Doreen just gets better with age!

Today she ran the Geneva half marathon, shattering her time from two years ago.

On a perfect day, Martin and I had the easy job – we were Doreen’s official photographers.

We figured out how to see Doreen pass us three times during the race – and she surprised us appearing early each time.

Doreen’s fans may remember that she “retired” from full marathons after completing the 2005 Geneva Marathon. But today’s results has her contemplating her options for 2009.

Me? I’m just very proud of her!

A huge thanks to Katy and Eric for treating us to a Swiss Fondue feast at their place after the race.

Doreen and I Doreen Twins

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  1. Or Doreen ran too fast or I was too late. Fact is that I missed her arrival. But seeing how non-tired she was for the rest of the day, I wonder if she shouldn’t “upgrade” to the full marathon to challenge herself a little bit. That half marathon was clearly too easy.

    But the decision of the day is that we “ALL” participate in the Escalade???

  2. AWESOME … CONGRATS DOREEN! Doreen finally gets some more press. If you get someone to swim…. you’ll have a pretty good triathlon relay team. Celebrate!

  3. Hi – thanks to Martin for keeping Will company and amusing me that I had a uniformed photography team, and to Katy & Eric for an awesome post-run lunch. Biggest thanks to Will for bearing with me when I was nervous & demanding in the days before the event.

    I wanted to confirm that YES, I definitely heard commitment from all to run on Dec 6 Escalade — specifically, Martin, Eric & Will will run the men’s course of 7.25km and Katy & I will do the women’s course of 4.78km. Time to sign up and start training!!!


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