Feeling Wet & Strong


Weather forecast said chance of rain but it sure looked sunny.

After two fairly big climbs on the weekend I felt strong for the first time this year. Then I saw the storm clouds rolling in.

15 kilometres from home I decided to make a dash for it.
10 kilometres from home I started hearing the thunder.
5 kilometres from home I got hopeful.
4 kilometres from home I felt a drop.
3 kilometres from home it started raining.
2 kilometres from home it started pouring.
1 kilometre from home the sky really opened up.
500 metres from home i pulled over under a gas station roof — joined by two other cars that pulled over due to rain (yes it was raining THAT hard)

A minute later I was hit by a tidal wave courtesy of a truck.

5 minutes lates I was really enjoying a hot shower.


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