Golet du Pey and Vuache

La Vuache Golet du Pey Swiss Vineyard - Avusy Golet du Pey

La Vuache is the mountain to the southwest of Geneva that connects le Saleve and the Juras to surround the Geneva valley. I often cycle around it.

There is a Grande Randonnée (GR) hiking route along the top of La Vuache and someone had recently asked me if it was do-able by bike.

Today – with Eric and Jason – the idea was to find out.

Trails to Golet du Pey

I knew a beautiful path above Olliet that leads to the Golet du Pey.

At 860 metres the Golet du Pey, is a pass directly above the autoroute tunnel and allows a descent to the other side – and great views of the Rhone valley below.

Instead of crossing over, we decided to take the GR hiking route towards the Sommet (summit) du Vuache which is over 1,100 metres.

While this is a superb hike, unfortunately it is hard going by bike and requires a lot of carrying. We made it to over 1,000, metres and then saw a good trail down and decided to call it a day.


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