Le Semnoz


65.9 km

I am the first to admit that I’m a wimp on steep descents. But still, when it takes an hour to descend back to the beginning then you know you’ve done a big climb. La Semnoz is a huge hunk of land next to beautiful Lake Annecy. It took over 1,500 metres (+5,000 feet) of vertical climb to get to the top – a small ski resort. Fantastic views of the Alps and the lake.

I had been climbing for about 45 minutes until I got to the beginning of the real climb near the Col de Leschaux. Staight in front of me was a seemingly unclimbable mountain. But I could see the edges of huge Switchbacks above me. I climbed this route at about the same time last year – but was less fit at the time. So I was pleased to see that it only felt REALLY REALLY HARD and not VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE.


Total distance 2,601.6 km


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