Le Dauphiné and Col du Granier


My legs needed a day off, but the sirens of the Dauphiné were calling my name. On a last second whim, I jumped in the car to the base of Col du Granier – the first climb in today’s race.

Col du Granier - East Side

One final mountain day in this year’s very exciting Dauphiné Libéré. I have previously climbed two of the four ways up Granier. But today – from the east side – is easily the steepest with the last 5 kms averaging 10% – despite having flattish parts – do the math.

I certainly didn’t cycle much today – just up and down – 21 kilometres.

A light drizzle all the way up, a beer at the top, then I scoped out the hill for interesting looking people to hang out with while awaiting the racers.

I hung out with a fun group of adults and kids. When I mentioned I was Canadian and sadly there were no Canadians in the race …. a bright 10 year old studied the program then showed my that Michael Barry – team High Road – was (and still is!) Canadian.

We vowed as a group to find this elusive Canadian. And here he is ( I think)! We all gave him a huge cheer with my new French pals yelling “Viva Canada”, etc. Excellent! 🙂

2008 Dauphiné Libéré Final Stage

It was never going to be the most exciting passage as it was the first of three climbs on the day. But a pretty big crowd and there were certainly some riders suffering.

A few photos:

Happy French Father’s Day!

2008 Dauphiné Libéré Final Stage


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  1. Yet again didn’t spot you on the tellie. Maybe next year or on the Tour. I’m trying to do a bit history on the Tour so any info or links on your site that may be useful on some of the Col’s in this years Tour would be useful or some insight.

  2. Will… it’s so great you can take off from your home and be right there for this excitement. The group of new friends you hung out with sounded like a lot of fun. Glad you also got to enjoy the last day of this great race. I had fun watching too… even though it was from my couch.:)

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