Le Salève in the COLD


I am trying to get myself motivated for climbing in the cold. Actually, the climbing is fun. It’s the descents that can be awful.

So just a ride up and down the Salève taking the super steep route via Le Coin.

Below: Up top, sadly the clouds blocked the Alps.

Top of Saleve

Below: We watched the Dauphiné Libéré on this hairpin in June.

Le Salève

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Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. Keep up the spirits Will. I’m trying to get myself ready for the Geneva Escalade by getting out running in Boston. Cycle with you soon again.

  2. I can imagine that the downhill would be the tricky part. As long as you are climbing your body produces heat. I remember descending Mt Buffalo (Victoria) in the Tour of Bright three years ago. I had send all my warm gear ahead in the car but I was still shaking and shivering and hardly able to hold onto the handlebars coming down the 18 km descend.

    I heard you sport some rock-hard abs and also have a trophy wife to cheer you on? 🙂 Sprocketboy mentioned something while answering your question regarding the abdominal muscles being needed for improved cycling but cycling not improving abs in reverse…

    So the question is: Where you just fishing for compliments? Should Sprocketboy be right? 🙂

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