Le Saleve via the Col des Pitons


I have the good fortune to live part way up a mountain. Le Saleve is the massif to the Southwest of Geneva on the edge of the French Alps. From my house there are several great, quiet routes to the top. Up top you can ride the length of the massif for several kilometres with fantastic views of the Alps on one side and Geneva and the Lake on the other.

View West climbing the Saleve

A beautifully clear, cool day – but warmer than mid-week. As I was only climbing to 1,350 metres (about 4,500 feet) there was no risk of snow. My mom is still visiting from Canada, so Doreen and her provided support car and photography help. Having them along allowed me to avoid a VERY cold descent as I just got off the bike up top.

Le Saleve

Col des Pitons is pretty much directly above my house:


I felt as strong as I have in months – clearly due to the number of rest days recently – I need to remember this when I start overdoing things.

Le Saleve - Mont Blanc in background


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