Mont Salève Above the Clouds


Mont Salève is my home mountain, I cycle it a lot without usually posting, but I was pleased with today’s photos. 🙂

We are in the time of year where it is often dark, overcast, and depressing down low. But sometimes it is possible to cycle above the clouds into glorious sunshine. I am lucky enough to live at the foot of Mont Salève. So I headed up, soon entering the clouds:

heading higher

heading higher

After a long, great climb through some woods the route reaches a lookout with the first peek at Alpine peaks. I was in no rush and would leave the main road and have some fun with my mini tripod. Lake Annecy can be seen from here on a clear day. It is directly above my head (Le Semnoz is loaf of bread to the right).

Lake Annecy in distance behind me, below the clouds

I often go on about why Mont Salève is a fun mountain for cycling – a main reason: there are several kilometres of road run along the top with views of the Jura mountains on one side, and the Alps on the other.

See here for details of all five road bikes route up Mont Salève. And see here for a bunch of mountain bike routes up Mont Salève.

Below are the Jura mountains (my house directly below the clouds, and Geneva below on the right. (I was quite happy with this photo, I jumped over a barrier, placed camera on a fence post, and rode along a steep field).

Jura mountains in distance, Geneva below/right

Further on, an Alps view. Mont Blanc. (another fence post, field dash)

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

But the views from the road are great too.


Mont Blanc and the Alps from the top of Mont Salève

Mont Blanc and the Alps from the top of Mont Salève

See this 3D video of today’s ride:


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