Murren and Above


This is one of my very favourite cycling routes. A steep, beautiful climb, surrounded by high mountains. After a perfect Saturday climbing Grosse Scheidegg, the weather held out for one more stunning ride in the high Swiss Alps.

The ride starts in Lauterbrunnen and turns immediately uphill. The road alternates between paved and good quality gravel. It’s a steady, steep climb through light woods with occasional views of Wengen, the valley below, and snow topped mountains.

At about 1500 metres the views open up as the route approaches the car-free town of Murren. The views are just unbelievable for the rest of the ride.

It’s flattish passing through Murren (1630 metres) – and then things get fun. Following a beautiful little signed mountain bike path to Shiltalp the road keeps going higher and higher.

Just past the little farm at Shiltalp it’s possible to do one more kilometre and reach 2000 metres before the trail ends.


Yikes, I need to tighten my brakes!

I need to tighten my brakes

To descend, I double backed to Murren and followed the superb paved path down to the quaint perched village of Gimmelwald. From here it’s

Path between Murren and GimmelwaldLauterbrunnen Valley

possible to continue on rougher trails down to Stechelberger (I’ve done this a couple of times), but I decided to take a cable car down instead.

At the bottom, I bumped into Doreen, and we rode back to Lauterbrunnen through the amazing water-fall filled valley.

road to Shiltalp


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  1. One of my favorite cycling places too. Always been lucky with the weather and the sunrise and sunset are something else there. Good food in town too! 🙂

  2. No, much of the road up is quite rough. There is a way up further south that is more paved. But still path for much of the traverse over to Murren. You could rent a MtB/VTT inches from the start ion Lauterbrunnen. Trust me, it’s worth it.

    Good luck

  3. Hi Adi,

    I really don’t know. With the warm weather, I would expect the road up to Murren is ride-able. Above? I don’t know. Probably for a while. Certainly the descent that I sometimes do through the forest will be unride-able. But the way I did the route above — taking the cable-car down from Gimmiwald …. most of it should work. But it is VERY early in year.

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  5. Carl Wakefield on

    Hello WILL I can add a continuation to this ride. From Schiltalp to return to Murren. Its is in the following strava link.
    I can also add the following link to show the trail from Murren to Steckelberg. This is a great route to stechelberg and should be possible for everybody. Its not very technical, but a great ride down. The added extra is the climb to saustal and the route back to murren. Well worth the ride.

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