My 2010 Cycling Challenge – Wrap Up


Col des Mosses


As 2011 approaches, I am relieved happy to say that I have finished my 2010 Challenge.

#1 – Climb 100 Different Cols

Passo Gavia!

Overall, I cycled over 130 Cols – not counting repeats.

Sub-challenge – At least 20 Cols over 2000 metres:

I managed 27 climbs over 2000 metres. It was looking unlikely until managing 11 in a sensational five day stretch in September (in Italy & Eastern Switzerland).

Closed Passo Gavia stretch

Sub-challenge – At least 30 new climbs.

I spent a lot of time scouring maps and managed 50 new Cols. It’s always fun to do a climb for the first time.

For a map and links to trip reports of all major 2010 climbs see here.

#2 – One Metric Century per Month
Berner Oberland Hairpin Heaven

I managed 17 metric centuries in 2010. These ranged from mountainous and very challenging (like La Marmotte), to one flat century, and three on the indoor trainer (including yesterday). The Indoor trainer is a necessary evil …. similar to root canal.

Given that before June 2007 I had NEVER done a metric century, this part of the challenge kept me on edge throughout the year.

#3 – Cycle La Marmotte (again!?!?)

Success! Full report and video here.

Col du Galibier

Although still hours behind the winners, I trained pretty hard for this and managed to knock almost 90 minutes off my 2008 time.

In the heat, the final climb up Alpe d’Huez was one of my toughest/worst moments on a bike. But the beers after tasted extra sweet.

I am now officially retired from La Marmotte. 🙂

Col du Galibier

#4 – Weight Goal

Now thats a pudding

After losing a lot of weight in the first months of the year (due to Marmotte-fear), I have gained some back. But I’ll finish the year lighter than I started it – unless Christmas is especially gluttonous this year.

A Big Thanks!

Thanks again to all the people who have tolerated my silly challenges – and joined me for some great rides. I had loads of fun cycling with a lot of great people this year:

Watching the Tour

The Best Ride of the Year?

That’s a tough call. But the weekend in central Switzerland in the Berner Oberland was probably the most beautiful:


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  1. Well done, it’s been a pleasure to read and very informative along the way. Inspiring too, I was tending to do the same loops by mid-summer but then saw your col hunting pieces and then clocked up 70 cols myself, although more through exploration and starting 99% of my rides from the Geneva area. Maybe the Club des 100 Cols next year for me… and you?

  2. Hi Will
    What an awesome year you have had. It is an inspiration to get out and about and explore new roads. We don’t have cols over here in NZ so I have to wait till I’m in Europe for that.

    I always look foreward to recieving your lastest up date to see where you’ve been, the photos and videos are stunning.

    Thanks again

    Take care Brian

  3. Well done! I love reading your blog. I wish I had the opportunity to do as much riding as you do. At least I managed to cycle Ventoux twice while on holiday.
    Not been on the bike for 2 months! Have an ankle and knee injury but hoping to get back on the trainer in Jan to lose weight for a series of sportives in Spring.

  4. Hi Will. I fail to understand how you do it… I’ve only done a small fraction of your climbs, and I still feel I had a busy year! Do think about Marmotte again (since you won’t be in the Maratona)… I really liked your comments and video from that painful event. But in any case: Have a nice Christmas and very good New Year. Big cheers from me 🙂

  5. thanks guys,

    Snowman: Yes, I love Col hunting rides ….. well done, glad to hear I might have helped with routes.

    Jesper, ha, no, honestly I have retired from Marmottes. But I may have some ideas for 2011 on Jan 1st. 😉

  6. Great read ………… Many thanks for sharing these rides

    I will lead a trip from the UK to Geneva in 2011

    The plan would have been much harder without this site

    Many thanks

  7. Hi Will,

    Congrats on another great year. I look forward to your new challenge for 2011. All your Moo productions this year have been very good. 100k on the trainer? Crazy. I live in mild Sydney and don’t require the trainer very often. Merry Christmas.

  8. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to hear what you come up with for 2011. This is going to be hard to top! 🙂

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

  9. Cher Will, en lisant tout cela je réalise encore mieux la chance que j’ai eu de partager quelques km avec toi & d’autres !
    Je suis impatient de découvrir le programme pour 2011 🙂

  10. Hello Will,
    Du beau boulot encore cette année !
    C’est pas mal cette série de challenges, cela permet de se fixer quelques objectifs et de conserver une bonne motivation.
    Vivement 2011 !

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