My First Centuries – Lake Geneva Loop


Although I bike a lot, until today I had never cycled 100 kms – a century. Today I not only rode a metric century but an imperial century as well.

Today Martin and I rode in the annual cyclo tour of Lake Geneva (a 176 kilometres around the lake – starting in Lausanne). The riders were released in batches, and for the first time I found myself riding in a Peleton – in the pouring rain. For over an hour, until the first feed station we absolutely flew. I was pretty terrified riding in the crowd at first, but managed reasonably well. After that, it was more small group riding into a very stiff wind until Geneva.

No surprise, when the wind was at our backs for the return, it dropped to almost nothing. Wow 175 kilometres is a long way – but Martin and I arrived safely back in Lausanne in good shape – great fun.

Martin and I at finish line:

Loop of Lake Geneva


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  1. Hi Will,
    Love your site. Your ‘Contact me’ page is not working? I’ve just moved to SW Geneva and am interested in climbing Cols, and geeky 😉 hardware/software to navigate and map my routes. Please contact me. Thx. p.s. The weather didn’t look to flash today for the ride 🙁

  2. Chilly,
    Well done on cycling more than twice as far as you have ever gone before…wow.
    And you look to be in great spirits coming over the finish line.
    Love, Jelly

  3. Hi Barry,

    I sent you a separate email. “Contact” seems to be OK now.



    Jelly (the wife),
    I was in great spirits because I won by a foot 😉
    Kidding, yes a great ride Martin.

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