My Winter Training Plan in One Photo

cold, wet, windy, muddy, snow Approaching Col du Mont Sion Col de Pierre Carrée Get wet or go home Snow Ball Fight Only Blue

Winter is here. Currently it’s cold with far more snow than usual.

Don’t worry, yes, I’ve been on the bike a little bit, but when it gets too icy, it just makes no sense. Even the thickest tires are no match for sheet ice.

Although a little powder snow is fun:

Snow Trails

But cross-country ski conditions are absolutely fantastic. I bought a season pass for the Rhône-Alps region and hope to get my money’s worth.

My winter cycling training plan:

When some sun arrives for a few consecutive days, giving the roads a chance to clear, I’ll bike up a col or two. But at the moment, I am enjoying the lung-shattering fun of Cross-Country Skiing in the Alps.


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  1. Sweating here in 33 C, your photos look quite “refreshing”… LOL

    Enjoy the cross training, Will, and Merry Christmas! We wish you a wonderful festive season here from Oz.

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