Pralognan La Vanoise


Deep in the Vanoise Alps, starting in Bozel, is this 20 kilometre climb that ends a few kilometres above the small ski station of Pralognan La Vanoise.

Not the toughest climb, but some nice early hairpins, and high mountains everywhere. Good training for someone that wants the challenge of a long ascent without leg busting grades.

The best part of the climb is the last few kilometres after the ski station. THe road is quieter with great views of a couple of glaciers up high. The paved road ends at Les Prioux — at 1750 metres altitude at a big parking lot for a picnic area and hiking trail-head.

This is a good climb, not a great climb. But then again, I’ve been spoiled a little this summer.

Above Pralognan La Vanoise

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  1. Hello i found this website because I’m trying to find some tool to create elevation climb profiles charts with slope information, but first of all let me say that your site is really interesting, I’m kind of new in cycling sport and it is good to know these awesome climbs! So the question is how or where do you create, for exemple, that climb profile chart above with the grades by kilometers?


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