Racing Uphill


56.95 kms

Worked hard on this early ride – to avoid the rain.

I followed two guys to the base of the 5km hill up to Challex. They started at a decent pace but one guy was about 50 so I figured I better pass. As I passed the young guy got on my tail then passed me. I got on his tail and for the next 5 minutes my heart rate was as high as it can go – and maybe a bit higher. Yikes. I managed to stay with him, but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last when he suddenly slowed and said he was going to wait for his father. Phew.

Relieved, I continued alone. 30 seconds later he passed me saying he decided to do the whole hill with me so “allons-y” (let’s go). Damn! I managed to barely stay with him – although he may have just been polite. Perhaps the hardest I have worked all year.

I still had about 30 kms left in my ride, and I was pleased to see that i recovered pretty well and went on to have a great ride.

It’s amazing how my childish competitive streak can push me to work harder than I am able to push myself when I am alone.

Total distance 7,268 kms


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