Saturday – Gruyere to Col du Pillon


63.3 km

We had planned to drive to the french alps and climb the famous Col de Galibier, but a small bout of insomnia made me reconsider. Instead I did a terrific ride from the beautiful ,medievil town of gruyère, past the posh ski resort of Gstaad and then up the Col du Pillon. It’s a beautiful ride through a long, high mountain valley. It is generally uphill the whole way but not too steep, and capped by an ascent up the Col du Pillon.

It was hot and I rode hard, and it seemed to take its toll. After about 60 kms and being a third of the way up the Col du pillon, I RAN OUT OF GAS. Literally. For the first time this year my legs felt totally spent and I struggled to finish the climb. Ouch.

Oh well – still a terrific ride.

Total distance 3,962km


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