Snow, Wind, Cold, Hills, Flat Tires, Bad Internet Access


Since Last Post:

79.5, 22.7, 41.6, 30.2, 33.3 kilometres,

Well it has become tough. The weather turned, snow is on the ground, and I live part way up a mountain.

Still I have managed to get out here and there – but the balaclava is now regular gear. The 79.5 km ride was a week a go Saturday near Annecy and included probably the last big climb of the year, the short but fairly steep Col de l’Epine. This climb leads to a great hidden road theat skirts a huge gorge for several kilometres.

Today was the worst recent ride, as I had 3 flats. I fixed my first flat and instantly got a second before noticing the piece of glass in the tire (I had checked but missed it). This left me with no more spares but on the second attempt I got a patch to work …. almost. It lasted for 14 kms but gave way 3kms from home. Grumble.

10,000 kms ….. hmm.

Total distance 9,541 kms


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