The 2010 Gruyère Cycling Tour


A very fun day cycling the Gruyère Cycling Tour with Xavier and Philippe (the best pics here are his).

Start:  La Gruyère Cycling Tour Philip Climb to Mittelberg Gruyere Cycling Tour Nearing Col des Mosses

This was my third time doing this well organized event. It’s an absolutely beautiful route, surrounded by Swiss mountains throughout.

Early on we came across Jean-Marc Berset, a world hand-biking champion, multiple Olympic medalist, and local legend.

Gruyere Cycling Tour

There are three climbs. The first, Mittelberg, is easily the toughest, with the last 5 or so kms a steady 10% along a superb, single lane road.

It’s nice to get the toughest part out of the way early – the other two climbs are much easier.

After descending to Gstaad it’s a long, false flat into the wind, before starting the climbs to Col du Pillon from Gsteig. I love this climb. It’s pretty short, and only has one very steep kilometre, but the views are great.

Col du Pillon

It was supposed to be very cold, and I had several more layers than needed. While 95% of the riders wore shorts, I had leg warmers …. and received much mocking while riding with them around my ankles (note in photo below, I also have pockets stashed with extra clothing). It seems that a few too many freezing rides in the mountains have made me an over-dresser.

After descending through Diablerets, the final climb to Col des Mosses is the easiest. But the Col sign at the top was easily the best. 😉

Col des Mosses

After Mosses is a very fast 40 + kilometres generally downhill. Roughly 10 kms from the finish, I flatted. I kept hoping it was just a leak. But ended up needing to add air every couple of kilometres and finally even considered carrying the bike over the line- I was determined not to bother fixing it before finishing.

Col des Mosses

Despite the flat, a great day in the Swiss Alps with friends.

I am winning!


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  2. Hi Will,

    It was good to meet you on this ride! Thanks so much for sharing so many great bike routes, its been a great help to discover this wonderful part of the world. Like you I am now addicted to cycling up and down the Alps!
    To go a little way to repaying you over the coming weeks I will send you some mountain bike suggestions for Barcelona and surrounding area. It’s a mountain bike paradise, especially in winter if you fancy a break from the snow.

    All the best,

    P.S. Have you ever tried the MTB route at Torgon?
    Its pretty good, a lung-busting uphill with great views of the Valais and Montreux and then some nice downhill action, nothing too technical.

  3. Hey Simon,

    It was a pleasure meeting and briefly riding with you.

    And yes, my favourite comments are those with route suggestions! 😉

    Have a look at my Jaman (I am sure you know) but especially Rionda/Morcles rides for incredible stuff near you.

    All the best

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