Tour de Vuache


We almost had enough for a peleton today as Eric joined Martin, Barry, and I for the first time . Being Flemish, not surprisingly he’s a very good cyclist (and a nice guy). Eric is 6 inches taller than me and we weigh the same – luckily my diet continues to make progress.

I actually remember Eric from the Tour de France Bastille Day stage last summer where he and his wife climbed Col de la Colombiere on a bright colored tandem – brave! Doreen and I have decided that sharing a tandem would be dangerous for our currently very happy marriage.

The Tour de Vuache is one of my favorite rides from Geneva. Foggy and cold down low, Martin’s new yeti beard was soon pretty frosty. But this great loop around the Vuache massif allowed us to briefly get above the fog and enjoy some sun and distant alps views.

Unfortunately, no post ride kebap as Barry insisted on taking us to a bakery – oh the shame!

Barry, Martin, Eric, and I


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  1. I’m happy to hear you met a nice guy today. But you can’t beat my score : I met 3 nice guys today. Voila!
    Will you are right. Weight is the secret. It is invisible but effective.
    Martin, have a look at Will’s and my head. That’s called aerodynamics. Cold but fast.
    Barry, smart choice the reflective yellow. Thanks for saving our lives in the fog. But take them off next time you go shopping. It scares old women and then they get dangerous.
    Doreen, are you sure you don’t want to give Will another tandem chance? Considering you have only 9 bicycles, number 10 can’t be that wrong.

    I’m looking forward to more,

  2. Eric:

    The moment I saw your head, I knew we would get along (bald cyclists unite!)


    In future, I may have to refuse to go to any place that only serves TINY beers and foofy food.

  3. Hi Will

    Have you ever tried to bike the Le Vuache traverse, following the path on the top of Le Vuache? Is it possible?


    Bent Kverme

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