Watching the 2010 Critérium du Dauphiné up Chamrousse


Yes, I enjoyed myself watching stage 5 of the Dauphiné after cycling up to Chamrousse.

The Eurosport commentator Magnus Backstedt called this one of the two best descents in France – basically because it’s not technical and very fast. So I added a little video of the descent at the end.

Watching the Dauphiné at Chamrousse from Le Cycliste on Vimeo.

Really the only disappointing part of the day, was the news that there was no publicity caravan – owing to some issues following the sale of the race from the newspaper (Dauphiné Libéré) to ASO (the guys that own the Tour).

Dani Navarro, cresting Chamrousse – he won the stage.

Dani Navarro

My favorite photo of the day: Riders started asking for newspapers to stuff their jerseys before the descent and people were frantically searching for something (like a copy of the Dauphiné Libéré) to hand them:


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  1. What? No big clappy hands, indigestible sausage or KOM hats? Outrageous. You should have stopped the race and asked for your money back 🙂

  2. et oui la caravane reste une spécialité du tour de France…voire de France 😉
    je me demande s’il y en a une équivalente sur le Giro ou la Vuelta (?)
    en tout cas superbe photo du vainqueur!

  3. Philippe,

    Les caravanes en Suisses sont superbes.

    Par example,

    Tour de Romandie: Verre de Vin!
    Tour de Suisse @ Verbier – crème glacée

    Free Ice Cream - Tour of Switzerland

  4. Oh, I envy you, being able to watch all these races first hand.

    The ice creme photo above – did you plan to have tiny people climbing out of your Magnum? 🙂

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