2018 Cycling Calendars


Busy doing your Christmas shopping? Looking for a 2018 alpine cycling calendar? Well, look no further.

Here are three calendars with my favourite photos of 2017. The first: Cycling the Alps , the second Sunsets/Sunrises, and finally a “Cow” Calendar.

A few quick points:

  1. All photos were taken by me in the past 12 months (edit: my buddy Tim took the Grand Colombier photo of me, thx!).
  2. I am making no money from this. The price is just what is charged by the printing company.
  3. I am not (even remotely) a professional photographer. All the photos are taken using a decent digital camera or a DJI Spark drone. But the quality of the photos has turned out well. This is just for fun.
  4. I have chosen a printing company that is inexpensive and has global delivery options – I have used them the last 5 years, selling a few hundred – and people seemed quite satisfied with the print quality. Orders are placed directly with them.
  5. Lulu, the publisher, almost always has coupon codes available to lower the price. The code FWD15 should currently give you 15% off. If it has expired, just use google for a new code.

Each calendar has 13 photos: a cover, and one for each month. You can preview all photos in the slide shows below. For an overview at the store of all my available calendars – Click Here, or see the calendar specific links below. The purchase links also lead you to a page where you can preview the photos in calendar format.

#1 Cycling the Alps

Note, as requested by several people, this year I have water-marked the name of each climb on the photos in the calendar. Most, but not all, of these photos were taken with a DJI Spark Drone.

  1. Small size: $9.99 (11″x17″) – To Order Click Here
  2. Large size:$18.99 (13.5″x19″) – To Order Click Here

#2 Sunset/Sunrise Calendar

  1. Small size: 9.99 (11″x17″) – To Order Click Here
  2. Large size: $18.99 (13.5″x19″) – To Order Click Here

#3 Cow Calendar

Moo! Yes, this is my favourite of the three calendars. 😉

  1. Small size: 9.99 (11″x17″) – To Order Click Here
  2. Large size: $18.99 (13.5″x19″) – To Order Click Here

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  1. Great pics. But how to get the calender? How do you pay at this lulu thing? Do they ship to Austria?

    Would be easier to buy if it were available at Amazon.

  2. Awesome! Thanks Will, these pics bring back nice memories. Ordering really is straightforward. I just ordered one for me in Colorado. Coupon FWD15 still works and shipping was only $3.99.

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