Aiguille Croche via Col du Joly


Starting from Les Contamines-Montjoie ski station, this is a great unpaved climb dominated by nearby Mont Blanc. It’s occasionally very steep, but quiet, beautiful, and high – reaching above 2400 metres.

Moo Productions is back!

OK, it’s not that exciting, but this is the first video I’ve made in a while. Note, there are a few sections using drone video – my first attempt. Look at the 1’35” point of the video and see how impressively steady the drone remains while filming.

(I enjoyed that music) 🙂

The climb reaches Col du Joly at 1989 metres, and then takes a gravel extension up to l’Aiguille Croche (2487 metres) – the road ends perhaps 40 metres below the Aiguille at the top of a ski lift. Near here, I would take a half kilometre of trail to reach the crazy-fun ridge where I took several photos before turning around (see map at bottom).

The far (west) side of Col du Joly is a great paved climb starting in Beaufort – see here.

Here are some more photos. First a few taken with the drone:

Lower down, great views
Snow making reservoir just below Col du Joly

This Panorama photo consists of 9 drone photos stitched together:

Mont Blanc Massif
The descent is fabulous too

Some old school (no drone) photos:

roughly 2420 metres

Yes, I continue to have fun with the drone. This was my first attempt at video with it. I was very impressed with the steadiness and quality of the video. But with a ride as beautiful as this, it’s tough to get terrible images.

A 360 photo (use mouse to change view):

A 3D video of ride:


Happiest while cycling uphill.


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