Annecy to Albertville Cycling Path


Yes, I know a flat route.

Part of my 2010 challenge is to do at least one metric century a month. And my November legs needed a flat version for a change.

The little detours on the map, are me padding the distance to hit 100 kms!

For a relaxing, scenic ride, it’s hard to beat the cycling path from beautiful Annecy all the way to Albertville. It’s approximately 45 kms that – except for a short, quiet, stretch near Albertville – is car-free.

The first stretch runs along side Lake Annecy:

Lake Annecy Bike Path

Much of the path follows an old train line – including an old tunnel:

In the summer, the first few kms from Annecy can be a little crowded with families and tourists. But it soon becomes quiet and lovely. This time of year? It’s not that crowded:

I must warn you though. If you ride this with me, I will spend the entire ride pointing into the mountains at all the great climbs nearby:

For example:

Annecy: My top 5 Cycling Climbs from Lake Annecy

Albertville: Beaufort (just past Albertville) – 5 Great Climbs in Cheese Country


Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. And a great way to join up various climbs to make nice loops. I got drowned and wore out a set of brake pads coming down Aravis after Croix Fry in June last year. Happy days.

  2. Hi Will. Lovely scenery… and a hundred km is pretty good this time of year (would have sent me straight to the hospital :-)). By the way… Did you get your pass to the Maratona 2011? I got mine, but not through the lottery – somebody must have warned the Italians 🙁 So I bought one of the 200 euro charity passes yesterday… and all is well again! Cheers from snowy and dark Copenhagen

  3. Jesper,

    Ah, you are wiser than me – I forgot about that and sadly “lost” the lottery. We may go the week before for Sella Ronda bike day, where they close the roads to cars for the Sella Ronda and surrounding roads.

    Of all the cyclos I have ever done, the Maratona has been by far my favourite – pleased for you.

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  8. Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to share your passion. I´ve been to Annecy a few times and did not realise that it had so much to offer, so certainly worth another trip this summer.

    Your routes in the Dolomites are so beautiful, so after Annecy we are off to follow a few routes you have done there. I´m fortunate to have 8 weeks holiday in the summer.

    I have a border collie and a Burley (dog transporter) and it is my wish to take him to the top of Mount Ventoux, which I will do this summer. Understandably not wight he racing bike, but a 30 gear trekking bike. I will take some time, but get to the top we will!

    I´ll send some pics.

    Thank you once again for your inspiration and stay fit and healthy.


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