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It has been a rough three weeks trying to recover from my calf injury.

Finally, today and yesterday, two VERY light rides. I fear I may still have to take it easy for a few more weeks.

Barry and Martin patiently agreed to ride with me today. They even let several fat guys pass us. When a beautiful girl rode by it was almost too much for them – but they were loyal and slow.

Not being able to cycle has been like falling off a cliff. I feel sluggish and fat. But hopefully, the new season is beginning.


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  1. I do not believe the part about fat guys….

    I have been to Switzerland several times and have never seen a fat person. The first time I went to Geneva in 2005 I was 225lbs (now I am 165) people would look at me like I was a monster and they all somehow knew I was American. The shower in my hotel room was so small i had to get out of it and walk into it backwards just to wash my back.

    I believe the definition of fat is different in Europe.

    Glad to hear you’re recovering. Don’t push too hard it’s only April.

  2. It’s great to hear that you’re back out and riding again. Slow and steady works just as well, especially if it allows you to ride in comfort while you recuperate. Enjoy the scenery!

    Looking forward to your recovery, as I’m sure you are too. Be well.

  3. Great Will,

    Don’t worry about anyone passing you…swallow your pride, even if it is something fat, ugly,old… Your condition will not all be gone. Give yourself those few extra quite weeks for 100% recovery.

    I have been missing your postings. Now that you have to take it easy on the bike, you have a perfect excuse to stop for a few more photo-breaks. So keep us informed with pics detailing it all out.

    Martin and Barry, don’t forget how important the mental is for recovery. So don’t hesitate to let Will “beat” you guys on the “climb” on the bridge across the motorway. Then look very tired when he wants to take a picture of everyone on the top of the “col”-bridge. I’ll be happy to join you in that effort and I’ll even bend through my knees so he looks taller.

    Looking forward to riding with everyone again soon. The weather is getting better and WWBB (Will will be back).

  4. Rest up good and proper so that the rest of the season isn’t spoiled. You’ll still have plenty of times to pass pretty girls. Sure she’ll even take a look at the calves;)

  5. Hi Will,
    I can see that the news is good. It’s a good thing for you and for your readers too.
    Quietly you’re coming back but it’s just a beginning so be careful and stop a lot in the climbs… 🙂
    Bye !

  6. Hey Will,

    What did you do to your calf?

    If you cant ride, go and live at altitude. It suppresses your appetite and increases haemocrit! Or, live on protein shakes.

  7. WOW– I’m so out of the loop Will. I’m sorry to hear about your calf injury. I missed this somehow. I know I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately. I guess I can blame it on the fog by lack of sleep with new baby but still I’m baffled how I missed out on your mishap. I’m glad to hear you are back on the bike and hopefully getting better fast. I know it’s so frustrating to be sitting around just looking at your bike.

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