Col de la Croix – Snow!

Col de la Croix
Col de la Croix

The final day of our mini Swiss Alps cycling trip.

We had driven from Gstaad to Villars yesterday – and had to take the long way as the Col de la Croix is still closed due to snow.

But it was our cycling goal, so we decided to have a look from the Villars side. This is a giant climb (20 kilometres 1,370 metres ascent – about 4,500 feet). But today our goal was just a leisurely ride up the far more scenic top half starting in the ski resort of Villars.

See this link for grade details of the entire climb from Bex.

Col de la Croix

Another perfect day surrounded by the Alps. Although there was a barrier down blocking cars, the route had obviously been ploughed. As we got higher, the snow steadily increased but as we reached 1700 metres I was hopeful of reaching the top.

Suddenly around a bend the road was blocked with a metre of snow! But we were nearly there, so we left the bikes and hiked to the top.

The only Col sign is a plaque (in the above link) but it was buried under piles of snow and I wasn’t sure where to dig 🙂 .

Col de la Croix


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  1. Jamie, your 3year old nephew on

    Jamie has his first 2 wheeler( with training wheels) and would like to know why Uncle Will does not wear a helmet!

  2. Nice little getaway Will! We’re having sunny weather with the temps close to 80 degrees today. Still… the snow looks refreshing and beautiful. Maybe you’re ready though to have it gone. Once again… great pictures.

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