Turbach, Above, and Lauenensee

Too much snow to continue

Day two of our mini Swiss Alps trip and we investigated two beautiful dead-end valleys starting from Gstaad.

This is cycling paradise with signed routes everywhere, perfectly surfaced roads up high, and scenery to die for. The road to Turbach is signed from Gstaad and good enough for a road bike. A gentle climb alongside a big, babbling torrent.

We continued past Turbach – the road is no longer paved – and found a small road built in the last few years that went up (!) (grades easily 15% and more). We struggled up this as far as we could get before encountering too much snow to continue – another project for the summer?

After doubling back and eating lunch, we headed to the Lauenen valley. Unbelievable views of the Alps. The valley ends with a climb up to a little lake (Laenensee).

An easy ride back to Gstaad and Cheese fondue to celebrate.


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