Col de Pierre Carrée – Flaine Ski Station


In the Alps, you can always find snow – if you go high enough.

We have skiied many times at Flaine – its probably the highest resort near Geneva. It was 25°C (77°F) at the start, but i knew the 21 km route with 1,350 metres of ascent would lead me to cooler weather, so I brought a jacket. Lucky too, because to my great surprise, about half way up it finally dawned on me that the reason for the light traffic was because there was still skiing.

Amazing. About a km from the top I passed our usual parking lot and sure enough the ski lift was open.

This is a super scenic winding route that ends at the Col de Pierre Carrée – right next to a Golf course – not a place to miss the fairway as the ball could plummet several thousand feet to the valley below.

As the elevation chart shows its a pretty steady climb, the start is the hardest part with kms 2, 3 and 4 averaging 8%, and after that lots of 6% and 7% stretches.

First photo is while I am riding – near the top – thus the HUGE head. Phew, tired now.

DSC01192 DSC01195

Route 2,857,785 – powered by



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