Col de Solaison via Sommet d’Andey


OK, we are pushing it a bit. This is a great summer route.

Tas de Bois Caché

Eric volunteered for route planning duties and selected the amazing single lane road up to Sommet d’Andey (1100 metres) then linking to Col de Solaison (map at bottom).

The first climb was generally sort of plowed …. and steep. One long stretch was clearly – trust me – in the 20% range. My goal was just to avoid touching my feet to the ground – 4 km / hour. Wow!

Plateau d'Andey

After a little snow pushing where the road had not been cleared, the descent down towards Thuet was beautiful through the woods but pretty treacherous …. we went slow.

Plateau de Solaison

Once we joined the principle road to Solaison the road conditions were a lot better. This is a wonderful, steep, quiet road up to Plateau de Solaison at 1500 metres (5000 feet). There is a small cross country skiing area up top so the roads are (sort of) cleared.

Sadly, despite an optimistic weather forecast, we were in fog the entire ride. I didn’t take many photos due to the cold. And the steep, long descent was just barely the good side of “far too cold.”

Col de Solaison

All in all a very fun snow ride. Eric – being Eric – of course cheerfully cycled all the way from Geneva (and back).

Anyone interested in this climb – June would be a good time. 😉


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  1. Climbing was so steep that it hurt (at least for me). Descending was easy, but freezing. Which one is to be preferred? The decent is too slippery to be enjoyed at high speed. So I guess climbing rules as at least it helps us to get our legs trained for spring/summer.

    I like the last picture : “Will mounting his Iron Horse!”

  2. Bravo, le Col de Solaison est superbe (comme la vue à la Pointe d’Andey d’ailleurs). Et du courage pour revenir à Genève à vélo…
    Que de neige cette année !

  3. Oui, il y avait beaucoup de brume (c’était brumeux 😉 ). Et d’après le récit, et les photos, vous n’êtes pas allé jusqu’au col ? Il doit être dans la neige j’imagine…

  4. Hi Will,

    Where can I let the world know that….

    I suggest we try to help each other cycling through old age.


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