Col du Galibier is Closed?


Any second now Col du Galibier will be closed for 7 or 8 months.

An alpine heat wave and Eric noticed that Galibier was still open up until the tunnel and just perhaps we could get higher. So why not?

A perfect day on the biggest climb in France – top to bottom – more than 2000 metres uphill – including Col du Télégraphe. 35 kms long (including a 4km descent) starting in St-Michel-de-Maurienne.

Paradise on a bike:

The Col in sight:

Yep, pretty pleased:

As always, thanks to my much stronger cycling partner Eric for taking some great pics.


Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. Hey Will, great blogsite – since i have stumbled across it, i have been checking it daily – so much info on here it is great!!! I will be coming over next July with a few mates from Australia and will definitely look to go on some of the rides you have described. Keep up the good work on the site.

  2. My fav vid ! Great shots.

    Just how low was that gear! looked like 32 X 32 to me. Come on – own up! Secondly – what critera do you use in deciding if its the road bike with drop handlebars – or the hibrid bike? Cheers.


  3. Hi Paul,

    Yes, I have a BIG ring on the back of my hybrid – I am not proud. 🙂 I certainly didn’t climb fast this day and was pretty tired by the time we got to the ice.

    Criteria for bike choice? If I expect snow/ice/unpaved roads it’s the hybrid. I knew there would be some snow this day.


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