Cooler than we thought it would be…(Guest blog)



Hello – this is Doreen writing from Berner Oberland.Today we cycled from Lauterbrunnen through the beautiful valley (lots of
waterfalls right now!) Before turning at Stechelberg up an ambitious bike path
which Chilly has done a couple times but was new for me. It’s his favourite
ride of all time and I was anxious to try it. It was STEEP in some places and we had to walk, or even carry our bikes. Chilly
was very nice and helped me a lot. Eventually we arrived in Murren and had some lunch. What I didn’t mention is the weather – changeable combination of cloud, drizzle, rain…but thankfully no wind. Suffice to say we were pretty damp.
And the awesome views were somewhat obscured but gave a fantastic ambiance all the same.Staying in Wengen and have just agreed tomorrow’s route — stay tuned for

By the way, I bought a hat!!

Total km. 5030
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