Sat July 2. (Guest blog 2)



Click Klein Scheidegg for 3d Maps and Will’s Log Entry

42km with 1500m gain (!!!)

Heck of a ride, and surprise to Doreen you can’t take bikes on the train…oops,
guess I have to do that treacherous climb under the Eiger face after all!Chilly finished a good hour and twenty minutes before me and had just about
given hope when I finally arrived. To my credit, I’d gotten slowed down
considerably when I stopped for a drink and a sandwich…how long does it take
to make a ham sandwich? Too bad for him I was carrying his pants for him…so
he was a little cold but he’d amused himself with some Australians in a bar so I
didn’t feel too guilty. What will tomorrow hold?!

5072km year to date
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