Does My Bum Look Big?

Merry X-Mas

For the last few years whenever Winter comes along I just start gaining weight. It’s time for intervention via a mini-challenge. My primary 2008 Challenge won’t be unveiled until January 1st, but I can’t wait until then to stop this weight gain.

I know: How can someone cycle as much as me and gain weight? Three things:

  1. Fewer and shorter rides as it gets colder
  2. I eat way too much. Portion sizes are too big. And I love bread, cheese, pizza, bacon sandwiches, etc.
  3. BEER!

Oh yeah, I also started cooking this amazing spaghetti pie recipe – too good and too fattening!

So starting with today’s weigh in, I would like to lose 13 pounds by end June – in time for a few days of big Alps climbs with the “Lost Boys” Tour d’Enfer – friends visiting from North America (more on that another time). The plan is simple:

  1. Continue Riding as much as possible
  2. Smaller portions. More salad, healthier foods, etc.
  3. Less Beer

PS – Always wear a helmet, even indoors.

Merry Chistmas

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  1. Will.. I feel your pain. Love to eat. I wrote about this around Thanksgiving… check out Holiday Survival Plan:
    But, just like you, my problem stands through Christmas. I’m trying to get time on the bike in this great weather but too much going on for Christmas preparations, etc. I’m thinking I’m going to have to stick my Tri bike on the trainer for some short spins in the evening. P.S. – What’s your beer of choice over there?

  2. Donald,

    Any beer from Belgium. I plan to become a Trappist Monk in my old age.

    They Pray, brew fantastic beer, then drink it — then repeat the cycle. I think God might be from Belgium.

    Travis: thanks!

  3. Chilly,
    What a great goal — you have my full support! We’ll have to find healthier recipes….although I’d like to keep spaghetti pie in your repetoire!! Just say No to Beer!!

    By the way, your bum will NEVER look big. I can even live w/ having the trainer in the living room in Dec-March if that’s what it takes…

    All my love,

    ps-what’s that as % of current weight?

  4. I think your bum looks mighty hot. I’m not even capable of looking at a stationary bicycle at this point, let alone climbing up on one. Actually pedaling it is absolutely out of the question.

  5. Yes the key is not to eat big portions, but it’s better to spread little portions during the day: maybe 5 a day. The worst is to eat 3 big meals and between to eat anything or quick-burning sugar… Quick-burning sugar is very important but just during the effort, sure, and just during the 30 minutes after. And avoid big portions of pasta or pizza in the evening if you’re not doing sport the following day 🙂 But continue to eat much cheese ( “fromage blanc” is the healthier ) and proteines in general otherwise you cheat and you’ll lose muscular mass…
    But I have not this problem, I weight about 63kg ( 139 pounds) 🙂

  6. Either this team is fuelled on beer, pies, donuts, cakes and coffee, or I’m resigning 😉

    Remember: donuts make the pedals go round

    p.s. did you tell the missis about your penchant for greasy kebabs?

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