End of Lockdown


I hope you and your families are well.

All is well here. But I must admit that two months without cycling has not been fun. My enthusiasm for the home trainer has failed to grow. 🙂

In France, as of May 11, we will be permitted to travel within a 100km radius. Here’s my circle.

A recent tweet: 🙂

Of course, my near term plans will likely just cycling from home. Fortunately, I live under Mont Salève which has lots of interesting road and gravel options. As soon as the storms pass I will be cycling (slowly) up my beloved mountain:

Guess the Cycling Climbs

If interested, during the lockdown I’ve been running a “Guess the Cycling Climb” series of tweets. See here for an example. On Twitter, search the hashtag #gtccw to find quite a few. Just a silly way to hopefully distract a few people, especially myself.

Be well.


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Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. Hi Will,
    soon the borders will open again, and even though Belgium has great places to cycle, we have no mountains whatsoever… 🙂

    What source do you use to see if a col is open? Switserland has an excellent site, didn’t find something similar for France though.

    And kindest regards,

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