Hairpins, Stars, Cows, etc.


For obvious reasons, I haven’t been straying far from home recently. But I’ve still been cycling. So a few photos. Be well.

With friends Marie-Jo and Tim looking at Orion’s Belt from atop Mont Salève:

Steel Wheelers Wednesday Night Salève:

Various Mont Salève photos:

Mont Blanc in distance

Genève and lake far below

Lake Annecy in distance

Self Isolating

A few favourite hairpins:


Via Rhona. Grand Colombier in distance.

A nice Swiss bike path


Chemin de St. Jacques:

Jumping for Joy:

Best wishes to you and your families.

EDIT: To clear my head, I made a quick dash to “Sunset Lookout” up above home. Four photos as the sky changed.

#1 Before the sunset:

#2 After the sunset:

#3 Getting dark, but before the stars. That’s Venus (I think) :

#4 On way home, tried to photograph Orion:


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    • Is it still possible to cross over into France from Switzerland to cycle (alone)? French friends tell me they need a certificate to leave the house and only for going shopping etc.

      • No, since the slightly unclear decree, there have been many clarifications and, unfortunately, biking is now definitely prohibited. For example, the Haute Savoie Gendarmerie has communicated as much and handed out 117 fines the other day.

        I have my home trainer set up in the garden. And trust me …. I hate the home trainer.

  1. Thanks very much. Just rode past the crossings at Crassier and Sauverny on this side of the lake – physically blocked. Hoping they won’t stop cycling in Switzerland it doesn’t seem much of a risk.

  2. Beautiful picture of Orion; I definitely think you succeeded. You got Sirius, the belt and the sword of Orion, Rigel and Betelgeuse, Orion’s bow, the glow of the Orion Nebula, and, if I’m not mistaken, Pleiades is poking through the top branches of the tree. Definitely a calendar picture.

  3. Will, I just want to thank you so much for your website. It is a huge help. Given the current quarantine regulations for visitors from outside the EU/UK, my tour this summer seems to be on hold, but you site has been invaluable. When I do get to your neck of the woods, I would be so happy to drop off some beer as a thank you and would love to have you join us on some rides 😉

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