Happy Birthday – Doreen climbs an Alp – Mont Revard


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Doreen woke up a year older (24 now?) and motivated. At her insistence we headed out for a big day.

On perhaps our last climb of the year we cycled up Mont Revard. High above Lac Bourget (the biggest lake in France), Revard has often featured in the Tour de France. Starting near the old Roman thermal bath town of Aix-les-Bains, the route is 20 kms with an ascent of just over 1,200 metres (4,000 feet).

I rode a ahead, enjoying another pefect day for riding – cool and sunny. It’s a beautiful route getting a little more savage at about half way. At the top is a small ski resort and great views of the Lake and in the other direction, snow covered Mont Blanc. Across the lake is the evilly steep Mont Chat that I climbed a few weeks back.

After finishing, I quickly descended, said hi to Doreen as she continued climbing, fetched the car, drove back up to find her eating a sandwich and enjoying the views.

Great ride.

Total distance 8,833 kms

Click here for Mont Revard South side from Chambery


Happiest while cycling uphill.


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