In Search of Dinosaurs: Lac d’Emosson

View of Lac d'Emesson

After seeing the photos of my cycle up above Lac d’Emosson last week, Doreen was eager to visit.

So we drove to the main dam with the aim of hiking up high and finding the 150 million year old dinosaur tracks.

A pretty challenging loop hike with some great views up high. We started by crossing the main dam and then climbing up to the smaller Lac du Vieux Emosson. From here it’s another hour around the lake and higher to a little roped off area showing the dinosaur footprints – a little above 2400 metres.

Some more photos including the dinosaur tracks:

From there we took a pretty treacherous descent back to the main Lake through a little gorge. A great hike.

Below is a pretty good photo of the crazy road linking the two lakes. What cyclist wouldn’t drool over that?


Happiest while cycling uphill.

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