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Hiking Le Saleve Hiking Le Saleve Slippery Hiking Le Saleve above clouds Hiking Le Saleve Hiking Le Saleve

On Friday’s climb I saw a hiking trail-head down low. So I decided to rest my tired cycling legs today and hike up Le Saleve with Doreen (starting in Le Coin).

A very steep trail soon led us to the clouds and ever increasing amounts of snow. It’s a great route that at one point passes up through a laddered cave/crack to get through and above the steep cliffs.

Above the tree line it was still foggy, so we continued on to the Col de la Croisette above the village. As often happens, the sun slowly melted the clouds and suddenly we were in the sun staring at the Alps – fantastic.

The hike up was fairly steep, treacherous, and slippery – so we decided to descend on the road back to Le Coin. All the great hairpins from Friday’s ride were now surrounded by snow. Below is the same hairpin – today and on Friday. Great hike and a blister.

Col de la Croisette - snow Col de la Croisette

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  1. Will… From the looks of your pictures the blister was well worth it!
    Wow… again… breathtaking scenery. I’m curious what the plaque is on the rock face to the left of the trail steps/ladder? You have an awesome backyard!

  2. Hi Donald

    Good eye!

    The hike goes right THROUGH a cliff face – just after those steps is about a 200 yard climb through a “cave with two ends” – with steps, ladders, ropes, etc.

    The Plaque marks the 100 anniversary of the making of the route in 2005.

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